My Story

It started in a perfect clear day after a couple of snowy days near the GreitSpitze in Ischgl.

I went Off-Piste, down the slope into the deep powder, but this time I felt and after a couple of spins into the air, I realized that one ski disappeared.

I tried to find the lost ski, but in vain. The ski ripped under the snow wherever it's chosen like a torpedo, 3 meters, or 30 meters away.

After a few hours of intensive attempts, I realized that if I will continue my searches, I will have to sleep on the slope overnight, so I started to glide slowly on my back, holding my other ski and the poles, trying hard not to sink into the soft powder.

It took me about an hour and half struggling through the snow to get to a lift, before the end of the day.

I ended that day in a ski shop where I bought a new pair of skis paying 500 Euros.

I reported my loss to the Information office, and asked them to inform me if they will find the ski, but until now, many years later, I am still waiting.

So, if one day you may pass by my ski, or find it, Please, send me a note.

  The need to buy a new pair of skis

I almost forgot the struggle to get to a lift through the deep snow, but I remember until now, that I had to pay 500 Euros for buying a new pair of skis.

From that day on, I thought that this can happen to each off-piste skier, and Out of a Need, a Solution was Born.


  Avalanche concern

I am afraid of Avalanches, probably like the most of us when we rip the deep snow off-piste. The cost of a Transceiver is very high, and I met many skiers off-piste that took the risk and skied without any locating device. When buried into the snow, time is the most important factor, and any sign of location to the rescue team will significantly increase the chances of survival. 


    The concept was born

I gathered some parts and created the first version of the Ski Locator and Avalanche Rescue Additional Device, and went to try it on the slopes.

​I improved it many times, and tested it again and again with the hope to make the best device possible to Locate and Find a lost ski in deep powder, and increase the chances of SURVIVAL in an Avalanche.


    The final step

One day, from the top of the mountain, I saw a skier lying in a ditch and someone beside him.

I skied down the mountain and I saw a teenager lying in the snow, hardly breathing, couldn't move and I asked the person beside him, that  seemed to be his father, if I could help. He told me that he called the Mountain Rescue and the helicopter is in its way.

He looked at my foot and saw my Ski Finder device tied to my leg, and said:

     "That's a very good idea. Where did you buy it?

       I answered that I made it, and maybe next year it will be on the market. 

       And then he asked: How will you call it if I want to buy one?

          I laughed and told him:  I don't have yet a name".


This was a call for action

and, this product is the outcome of a need

Ski Finder.jpg