"That's a very good idea. Where did you buy it? I answered that I made it, and maybe next year will be on the market. 

 And then he asked: How will you call it if I want to buy one?

I laughed and told him:  I don't have yet a name".

This ski accessory will increase your chance to locate and find a lost ski in deep snow powder, and will increase your chances of survival in an Avalanche.

This ski accessory was designed and invented by an advanced skier, after he lost of a ski, and based on his own experience and skiing history.


The Ski Locator and Avalanche Rescue Additional Device is ready and extremely easy to use:


1)   Put this accessory around your leg above the ski pants and adjust the length of the belt in according to your leg.

2)   Inside each pouch there are two red straps.

3)  When skiing off-piste, open the zipper about 4 cm (1.5 in) and attach the strap with the Stainless Steel hook to the ski binding, or to the eye include in the package that can be attached to the ski with 2 small Stainless Steel bolts.


4)   The other strap is permanently sewn to the pouch.

5)   At the end of each strap there is a Velcro hook or loop.

6)   In the Ski Locator and Finder Mode the Velcro hook and loop are separated. In a fall, when the ski binder is released from the boot, the strap linked to the ski will be pulled out of the pouch, leaving a 5 m' (16.4 ft) long strap trailing behind the ski, that will make it Easy for Ski Retrieval.

7)   In the Avalanche Rescue Mode the Velcro hook and loop are linked together, and if caught in an Avalanche, when the binder is released from the boot, the strap linked to the ski will pull out of the other strap that is sewn in the pouch.

Each strap is 5 m' (16.4 ft) long, thus apparently will increase your height, or your ski length by 5 m' (16.4 ft) and that will make the ski Easy to be Found, or if buried in the snow, any sign above the snow, will ease the Rescue Team locating efforts.

The force required to separate the Velcro is sufficient to pull out the other strap, but small enough for not causing any damage to the skier knees or hips.

If you felt in the deep snow, and your ski was released from your boot, simply roll the strap on two fingers and put it back into the pouch. Inside the pouch there are two elastic bands that will keep the rolled straps neat and ready for next use.

Ski Finder on the leg.jpg
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Avalanche Rescue option-Straps linked to
Ski Finder only option-Straps Separated2
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Ski Finder under Binder Lever-E.jpg
Ski Finder under ski boot-E.jpg
Ski Finder option - Straps Separated-E.j
Avalanche Rescue - Straps linked togethe
Ski Finder rolling the Straps-E.jpg
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The Ski Locator and Avalanche Rescue Additional Device is designed to increase the chances to rescue people in case of being caught in an Avalanche.

This device is not a replacement for a transceiver for Off-Piste skiers.

We will not accept liability for injury or loss of life.


We do not guarantee that on all occasions you will find your lost ski. In exceptional cases the ski may be buried too deep in the snow.

We will not be responsible for the replacement or cost of a lost ski.