Find your Lost Ski in Off-Piste Deep Snow
Increase your chances of Survival  in an Avalanche
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The Ski Locator and Avalanche Rescue is a device that will help you find a lost ski in Deep Powder or may increase your chances to be found by the Rescue Team if caught in an Avalanche.


This device will save the cost of a new pair of skis either there are yours skis, or rented skis.

The device is designed for off-piste skiers and Snow Powder Addicts.


The concept of this device incorporates Two Small Pouches attached to the skier’ legs.

Each pouch contains two highly visible red straps, each 5 m' (16.4 ft) long.

This device can be used as a Ski Locator Device, or as an Avalanche Rescue Additional Device.


    Ski Locator Device

The straps are separated inside the pouch.

When the ski detaches from the boot in a fall, it pulls out of the pouch a red strap connected to it, leaving a 5 m' (16.4 ft) long trailing behind the ski, that will make it Easy for Ski Retrieval.


    Avalanche Rescue Additional Device

The straps are linked together by by a Velcro hook and loop.

When the ski detaches from the boot in an Avalanche, the strap attached to the ski will pull out the other strap that remains linked to the skier foot, making it Noticeable by The Rescue Team.

When both straps are out of the pouch, the straps will release one from the other, leaving one strap attached to the ski and the other attached to the skier's foot, each one 5 m' (16.4 ft) long.

The force required to separate the Velcro is sufficient to pull out the other strap, but small enough for not causing any damage to the skier knees or hips.


The Ski Locator and Avalanche Rescue is not a replacement for a Transceiver, but when buried in the snow and every minute is vital, each visual sign, like a red strap above the snow, will help the rescue team to find you and will increase your chances to survive.


The Ski Locator Device will prevent from loosing a ski in snow powder. In a fall in deep powder, the ski travels like a projectile under the snow, 3 or 30 meters (9 or 90 ft) away from you.

The sooner you see a red strap above the snow, you realize that you found your buried ski and saved the cost of a new pair of skis.

For the cost of less than half of a daily ski pass, you may save your life, or the cost of a new pair of skis.


Imagine... You or your skis are 5 meters longer.